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  Youmacon 2013
Youmacon took place from October 30th to November 2nd 2013. We have been attending Youmacon 6 years and this was their 4th year at the GM Renaissance Center. The location has proven to be a great move for Youmacon as attendance has grown over the past 4 years.

The Renaissance Center has a wealth of space and rooms for this very large convention. In addition it sports restaurants on the first and second floors as well as a Rite Aid for last minute supplies (a true godsend when you're in a pinch). The location has plenty of unique architecture and structures that make it great for cosplay photography.

However, with Youmacon's continued growth, expansion was necessary. Their answer,  Cobo Center. Accessible via a brisk eight minute walk for the average convention goer, or via shuttle for which weekend passes are available, Cobo Center has a host of convention rooms and dealer space with room to grow.

Being that we are a Videogame AND Cosplay media site, we always put a lot of value on the gameroom at conventions. Let us just put this out there first, Youmacon offers the standard by which ALL convention gamerooms are judged. The room is massive featuring Battle tech pods (now free to play) plenty of arcade cabinets featuring fighters, shooters, side scrollers, racing and, rhythm games they have something for everyone and we have not even gotten to the consoles yet. As far as the home gaming goes they have shooters on Xbox 360s, Fighters on PS3s. If that weren't enough they also offer an array of PC gaming, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Counter Strike. Top that off with commentated live streaming of matches and this is exactly what a hardcore game room at a convention should be. Everything is set up in sections and they featured a Pokemon center that was selling snacks and drinks just in case you did not want to leave for a quick snack. The game room at Youmacon is something we look forward to every year and it does not disappoint .

The dealerís room was located over at Cobo again this year along with artist alley. We at DCM do however miss artist alley up on the same level as Main events, it leaves us and Main Events being the only thing happening on that floor. But the dealers room at cobo is huge featuring everything you could want from anime to yaoi with arcade fight stick parts and figures in between. Having the artist alley with dealers provides that a secure room to pack up for the night but we feel that some may want the option to be open their own hours. But this did not turn anyone away as it appears that both sections were sold out again this year. one of our staff was even able to locate some Rare Captain Harlock Figures.

The cosplay turn out this year seemed a little lighter than prior years but the masquerade still had great performances and wonderful costumes for the walk ons. Overall, we really got a kick out of luigi shop of horrors (you can download the video direct here. We really hope to see more performances next year. Or the possibility of other cosplay events .

Overall youmacon is still one of our favorite conventions of the year and a great way for us to end the 2013 convention season. We look forward to seeing everyone at Youmacon 2014 from 10/30 to 11/02




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